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Well, there’s something you don’t see every day. 

- Embry Call, New Moon

Anônimo asked:
hi could you possibly do gifs of jake when he is talking about imprinting? or have you done it? :)

I can make them yes, you say when he talks about imprinting with Bella in Eclipse or breaking dawn with Leah?

Anônimo asked:
Can you do something if seth? (:

I’ll think of something to Seth. 


demeden-deactivated20140215 asked:
This is the best blog. Ever.

You think? I’m surprised to read this, thank you!

Anônimo asked:
can you do some more paul? human or wolf form:)

Yep! :D

Anônimo asked:
i love embry! can you make more edits of him please? <3

Ah, of course!


Anônimo asked:
In your 'best friends of jacob black' edit, who was that in the second gif? I couldn't tell if it was embry or quil

this gif?

is Embry